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Caring for Your Bonsai
outdoor bonsai

Filtered or morning light is best, so that the plant will not dry out in hot sun, although some species such
as Juniper can tolerate some drought.

Most outdoor bonsai purchased at Portland Nursery are hardy to our climates. Some may need
their roots protected by winter chill by temporarily placing in a windfree
area in your garden.

Depending on the specimen, outdoor bonsai generally should be kept moist at all times and
should never be watered to such an extent that the root ball is waterlogged. Over watering
could result in root rot and kill the tree.

In general, prune branches to create a natural look that you’ve observed. Always use sharp
and clean tools and consult a book or expert for additional advice specific to your plant.

When to repot:

Repotted plants allow bonsai to retain vigor and develop new feeder roots. Repot fast growing plants
annually in the spring. Repot any bonsai that shows the following signs:
1. Water will not penetrate the root area.
2. Roots are growing out bottom of pot.
3. The plant has lifted out of container, (from root build up).
4. The plant has lost vigor.
When repotting, selectively prune the roots by about one third, this allows space in the pot to add
enough fresh bonsai soil. Now your tree will have a nice place to root again.